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Once you have your Helpcenter setup (see if you haven't already done this), you can start creating Categories, Sections and Articles for your customers.
Articles are organised into Sections which, in turn, are organised into Categories - this enables you to keep related articles together and allow users to find the information they need with ease. This article will show you how to create and manage your Helpcenter content.


To begin creating content you first must create the Categories and Sections that will contain your Articles.
Categories can be managed by navigating to Helpcenter Categories in your helpdesk.
The 'Add Category' button will provide you with a form to create your first Category, including an icon or image that will be shown with it in the Helpcenter.

Categories have a title and description that are shown together with your chosen icon or image.
You can create as many Categories as you need and order them by dragging to rearrange them from your Categories view.
Once you have created a Category, click on it to navigate to the Sections view.


Sections belong to a Category and allow you to group related Articles within a Category.
Like Categories, you can add them easily using the 'Add Section' button and providing a title.

Sections can also be 'simple' - a simple section displays its articles as expandable elements (preview your helpcenter to see this in action), where as non-simple sections open each article in their own web page.
Simple sections are particularly useful for sections such as 'frequently asked questions' where each article may be shorter, making it easier for users to find the answers they seek.


Note: you won't see any of your categories or sections that don't yet have any articles in them - let's fix that!

You can now create your first article! Navigate to your new Section and click 'Add Article' to get writing.
Give your article an informative title and then use the provided text editor to fill in the content, formatting is all included.
Before you save, pick which agent has authored the article and then hit Save.

For an overview of all your helpcenter articles, navigate to Helpcenter Articles for a full list of your content. From this view you can still edit and delete articles too, helping you update your customer knowledge base with ease.

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