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Having a Helpcenter is a great way to let your customers quickly search for answers themselves. If they don't find an answer, your customers can submit a request via a built-in contact form that's connected to your Kiri Helpdesk.

Setting up and configuring the appearance of your Helpcenter is really simple, so let's get started.

Configuring the Appearance

Your Helpcenter can be made and updated by navigating to Helpcenter Appearance in your helpdesk.

Your Helpcenter can only be configured by admins.

Here you can update your

favicon (small icon shown in the browser tab),
title (name shown in your browser tab and Helpcenter),
banner and text (main page image with a text overlay),
logo with link (your logo in the header),
primary color (the color used for your Helpcenter),
fonts (for both headers and body).

Next Steps

With your Helpcenter set up you can now start creating Categories, Sections and Articles.
We also suggest that you configure your header and footer links to provide users with easy navigation of your knowledge base.

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