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If you know customer support or sales, you'll know a lot of the messages you send are very similar. Generally only the context, such as the name of the requester, tracking links, etc. differ between responses.

Templates make replying to your requesters very quick and efficient. You should set up templates according to the most common messages you send and replace anything you can with Kiri and Shopify variables.

This way, you can use a template for all of your responses and make minimal changes to them.

You can make use of variables such as

the name of the requester,
the agent name, or
a tracking link for the most recent order.

Every reply you send should use template to save time and avoid repetition. A good idea is to set up a base template that can be built upon, for example:

Example template with 'to' and 'from' variables
An example base template with 'to' and 'from' variables

Templates are also used for automations in combination with views. They specify the automatic responses you send, so you'll most likely find yourself making use of these in many situations.

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